Our office is located in Al Barsha 1. Feel free to drop by and see us any time from (11am - 6pm). Click here to see us on Google Maps.

Normal business operations are from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday. Or feel free to contact us by WhatsApp 24/7.


We have developed simple steps to make order online. Please follow this link to see step by step guide.

Each product has mentioned its delivery time.

You can ask support via WhatsApp by providing your order #.

You will get an Invoice by E-mail once you pay for your order.

It takes approximately 1-2 business days for our department to review, analyze and resolve the problem with your order.

Once we receive the order, we will check the design file before starting printing. Once printing starts, you cannot cancel the order.

We print what's ordered using the artwork approved or shared by customers. We do our best to reach what you have in mind with this online service, but with limitations. As costs get incurred while making the product, refunds are not possible. Our printing services are for generic usage, not high-end quality expectation consumers. We use the highest quality of prints with the technology you select.

Prints will be at your expense if the error is caused by poorly prepared data or otherwise contains client-side production errors. If the error is from our side, you'll get a reprint with no additional costs. You can check our terms and conditions for more details.

Artwork is considered to be approved once:

a) has received print-ready files from customers, then the provided artwork will be considered as approved. can always ask for approval against confusion if observed. Then, in that case, the final approval will be the approval that takes place in this stage.

b) When a customer says "OK," "CONFIRMED," "APPROVED," "GO AHEAD," "PROCEED," or any synonym of these words, that will also mean that the artwork is approved.


Pricing for all products and quantities is available directly on our website. Visit each product's order page and select the different print options (if available) until you see pricing for your order based on those specifications.

Yes. If you have a bulk amount that you cannot find on our site, please contact us through WhatsApp from the Product page and confirm the quantity you would like to print, and our team will give you a price for bulk printing.


If you need more help in choosing a product, you can use the Live Chat or WhatsApp number 24/7 (available on our website) to talk to our customer service representative anytime from 11am to 6pm.

Maxprint allows you to create a personalized version of the product listed on our website, including materials and finishing options that you need. Just contact customer service representative by WhatsApp number.

Yes. If you have a custom size or have other specs that you cannot find on our site, please contact us via WhatsApp.

We do our best to give our customers the best color match for their artwork. However, getting the exact color match is not always possible. The texture, finish, and type of material used for the project could affect the colors of the final printed product.

Customers must discuss this with Maxprint if they have precise color precision. This is because all screens have different color settings and screen colors, and printed colors don't match precisely; this is a worldwide limitation.

All the products have mentioned Delivery time, and this included both production and shipping time.

We do not release our working design files as standard practice. Should you require them, we will remove the files for an additional release fee (100% of the original design fee).

Your Spot UV file must at least have a 1-bit color depth with 300 dpi vertical and horizontal. In Photoshop, this is known as Bitmap Image Mode. Ensure it's an unpainted, unfilled box with total bleed measurements. This helps spot the product perfectly overlay.

Designs should be uploaded in CMYK format. RGB Formats don't look accurate when printed. If your plan includes too many blue or purple shades, limit magenta hues in the design by 10%.

Please understand that Maxprint orders are made on group sheets. This means that the colors might be affected by the different designs surrounding them, which means the overall color and contrast might not look the same.


Yes. Deliveries within UAE go from our factory to your door (unless otherwise specified).

We don't offer this option at the moment. We do offer the "delivery must reach you in the pattern" for now.

One shopping cart includes no delivery charge. Quantity doesn't matter; the costs of delivery are fixed and one for all orders.

We ship to all seven Emirates in the UAE. Please contact us on live chat or Whatsapp support if you're out of this area. We can ship any of your desired orders with only a small extra fee.

If your order is still in progress, we can change the address. If the order is complete, changing the address isn't an option.

For emergency changing addresses, you can contact us via:
User account: (if you are registered), E-mail, or WhatsApp

It takes approximately one working day for the order to arrive. If anything causes delay, you'll be updated by our team.

Yes. Our listed time includes time to print and deliver.

In case all the items ordered are in one shopping cart, we will deliver them together with consideration to the maximum time allotted for delivery.

No, we do not schedule a delivery to a specific day or time.


You can use Credit cards, Debit card methods, Master Card, or Visa Cards.

Payments will be automatically billed to the credit card you're using as you place an order.

Kindly check our refund policy page.

In case we offer codes, we notify all our customers via E-mail or social media.

Our shopping website is a 100% safe platform. We understand your concerns, but you're always purchasing your desired prints safely with us.